Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Who doesn't love teddy bears?! Not many people I know, and as my sister told me "everyone loves the bears!" when I mentioned I wanted to start making them to sell.

They're super cute and so very huggable! I've made many of them over the years and they are washable too. They're crocheted and can be made in various types of yarns and threads. I stuff them with the usual white fluff, which can be found at Wal-Mart or various craft stores. I have made most of them so far in worsted weight crochet yarn, but they can be made in specialty yarns or even size 10 crochet thread. Which I have, indeed, done. I'll make some up when I have a chance and show you how super cute those are! And they're pocket-sized. I did one for a dance teacher at the dance school I worked for at the time, in the color which matched her clogging outfit.

I've been making these for years, actually probably close to about 20 or 22 or so. I made the first one in white with red clothes for my little sister, you can see it in the group photo above.

How can you get one of these darlings? Why it's simple! I can make one to specific colors or you can purchase one of the ones I have readily made. They are $7.50 each or two for $12 for worsted weight yarn, plus shipping. You can specify one of each variety or a pair of the same variety. And they don't have to be the same matching colors. Different yarns can make the bears to be larger or smaller than the standard size with the worsted weight.

I also can make special bears for weddings. Just choose the color yarn for the bear color, the boy will wear black and a bow tie and the girl will be in white with a veil and a little bouquet of flowers. I will be making a pair of these, so pics to come!

And they're perfect for baby shower gift, or just baby gifts, even if there isn't a shower. I've made them before in white with blue boy bears or white with pink girl bears, though anything soft colored would be nice as well. They make a bamboo yarn with is ohmigosh soft, I have made several as baby gifts. Another to go on the to make list, so pics also to come!

I recently made a few bears for sale:

This is a grey bear with red/orange/yellow clothes, he's ready for fall or possibly just loves warm colors! Perfect for snuggling on a cold day. He's made with Red Heart and Caron Simply Soft yarns. Here's a close up of the face:

Here you can see what he looks like from the front:

This is the back view, the boy bears have a cute little tail:

This is with my flash, without the flash shows the color a bit more realistic, but he was a bit in shadow as well.

This is a set of bears made with a different yarn. It is Caron's Country, which is a bit more silky. It's a Merino wool blend, which I hadn't used before. It's 75% Microdenier Acrylic & 25% Merino Wool. It's a bit thinner than worsted weight, so I used a smaller hook so there wouldn't be gaps. When I haven't tried a yarn, I usually crochet a bear to see how it turns out. I think it turned out well.

Here's the front:

And this is the back:

The girls don't have tails, their skirts get in the way. I have made the girl bear pattern before with no skirt and added a tail so that's possible as well.

Here's with the flash on:

I had made a boy bear in the same yellow/spruce combination recently for a baby shower gift. I decided to make another one in case someone might want a pair of bears.

My friend recently tagged me in this picture on facebook. I gave her the bear back when we were in high school, she told me her daughter wants it. lol

Note - the black bear with a turquoise dress and the bears all together in a group photo aren't for sale as they either belong to friends or family and aren't mine to sell, but I can make ones similar to them.


  1. I love these - Is there anyway you could make one with Red and White top for Poland? Great gift for my mother-in-law. Please contact me if this is possible. Love Lesley.

    my blog: http://myfrozensunshine.blogspot.com/